Bathroom Cleaning In 7 Easy Steps

Bathroom Cleaning In 7 Easy Steps

Bathrooms are where cleaning challenges can get tough. With so many different surfaces – chrome, brass, glass, porcelain, and fiberglass – it’s difficult to know where to begin or what to use.
You don’t need to buy baskets full of specialty cleaners to keep everything looking good. With four basic products, you can get the dirty jobs done.
This 7-step bathroom cleaning routine will have you in and out – and your bathroom buffed – in minutes rather than hours.

Essential Bathroom Cleaning Products and Tools

With just four-bathroom cleaning products, you can get the job done: an all-purpose cleaner; tub, tile, and sink cleaner; a toilet-bowl cleaner; and a glass cleaner.

You’ll also need the right tools for the jobs ahead: a long-handled toilet brush, a scrubber sponge, a dust cloth, and paper towels.

1. Apply cleaner to shower and bathtub.

Apply an all-purpose cleaner if you clean regularly or an acid-based cleaner if you have serious buildup to your shower. Don’t forget the shower track and inside the shower door if applicable. Let it soak.

2. Sanitize the Bowl

Sanitize the bowl. Squeeze some of the toilet-bowl cleaners around the inside of the bowl and under the rim.
Use a long-handled toilet brush to swish the cleaner around the bowl, under the rim, and as far into the trap as possible.
Let the solution stand a few minutes as you clean the seat, lid, and outside the toilet bowl with an all-purpose cleaner and a sponge, cloth, or paper towels.
Using paper towels is the simplest – no rinsing is needed, and there’s no chance of spreading germs, as you’ll toss out the towels immediately after use.

3. Tackle other surfaces.

Spray the all-purpose cleaner onto your cleaning device (i.e. microfiber cloth, sponge, etc.) and wipe down any towel racks, shelves, baseboards, doors, blinds, and windowsills. Work in sections from the top of the room to the bottom, and left to right.

4. Hit the shower and bathtub.

At this point, the cleaner will have done much of the work for you, allowing you to lightly scrub away loose dirt and buildup. Get all walls, floors, and other surfaces clean before rinsing.

5. Finish the shower and bathtub.
Replace all items you removed, wiping them if necessary as you go, then close the shower curtain or door. If you do have a shower door, spray glass cleaner to give it a streak-free finish.

6. Clean the vanity area.

Spray the all-purpose cleaner on the sink, faucets, and countertops, then wipe with a clean cloth. If you have buildup in the sink or in a soap dish, use a scrubby sponge to loosen before wiping clean. Use the glass cleaner on your mirror. A cloth dampened with water will remove dust from cabinet faces.

7. Mop the floor.

Submerge your mop into the bucket of cleaning solution, squeeze out excess water, then clean the bathroom floor. Once dry, replace the trashcan and your freshly laundered rugs.

The above can help you clean your bathroom fast and efficiently, as can keeping it tidy between cleanings.

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