Tips on the care and cleaning of carpets

Tips on the care and cleaning of carpets

A house with a well-fitted carpet that matches the interior décor of your house can leave your house looking attractive. This is very affordable to all homeowners. However, a major question is, are you encountering difficulties in maintaining the cleanliness of your carpet? Well, this has been a major challenge because carpets are known to lure dirt and spills. It has been found out that carpets get swapped more often, that is in an average of six to seven years. Most people replace their carpets when relocating to new houses or when they are selling their old homes. Implementing proper cleaning methods can elongate this period to more years. A clean carpet is free of months, toxins among other unpredictable living compounds. This article will enlighten you on what steps to take in ensuring that your carpet looks neat as a new pin.

Below are the tips:

The first rule for keeping carpets clean is to prevent external contaminants from reaching the carpets. This means keeping outdoor shoes off the carpet, wearing home or carpet slippers, keeping a doormat to wipe feet before stepping on the carpeted surface.

Vacuum cleaning
For a vast majority of people, carpet cleaning means simple vacuuming. Whether they are floor carpets, rugs, or wall-to-wall ones, all carpets, according to them, require a weekly vacuuming session. This is true but not sufficient to keep carpets in top condition for years on end. Vacuuming does remove all the superficial dust and dirt, gritty particles, and food droppings. Special attention has to be paid to all the nooks and corners, crevices and gaps, and under furniture to make the carpet really clean.
Occasional quick vacuuming is acceptable but most times, it must be carried out thoroughly especially if the carpets are deep pile ones, into which dirt and particles tend to get deeply embedded. These require higher suction levels of the vacuum cleaner to be pulled out. The best way to vacuum is to divide the entire carpet into squares or rectangles and cover each unit thoroughly and repeatedly, ensuring that the vacuum cleaner head is firmly pressed with adequate force to permit higher suction. Some experts recommend sprinkling salt on the carpet one hour before vacuuming the carpet. The cleaned carpet sparkles subsequently.

Stains, spots, and spills
have the ability to spoil the richness of any carpet no matter how expensive. Therefore, these must be attended to and removed almost as soon as they are noticed. The longer the delay in cleaning them the more difficult to remove them since they get stubborn over time. The best thing to do is to try and wipe off a spill while it is still wet. In case it has dried and left a mark or stain, a cleaning solution may be required. Supermarkets offer many such liquids with clear instructions for use. It is best to first try the solution in a corner to ensure that it is safe for your carpet. Cleaning solutions are effective for removing chocolate stains, tea/coffee spills, crayon marks, mud stains that come in with shoes and many other blemishes. Check if the cleaning liquid should be left on the carpet for sometime before being wiped off, or whether water needs to be used at any stage.
The last stage must be drying off the carpet area that has been cleaned. Effective stain removers are often found at home in the kitchen. These include:

– Baking soda
– Vinegar
– Club soda
– Mild detergent
– Borax
– White Wine
– Hydrogen peroxide
– Carbonated water

Professionally Clean
This is a maintenance process that you should not think twice about. It is very recommendable for you to clean your carpet professionally for at least thrice a year. This ensures that your carpet retains its neatness and texture and it also makes it easy for you to maintain its cleanliness. It is crucial to store the cleaning receipts because you may require them in case you want a warranty.
Some knowledge on how carpets are cleaned is essential. For instance, you should note that most carpet mills use hot water abstraction techniques this is by far the most recommended method reason being that it extracts all the soil, spots, and dust particles. They also avoid using chemicals that may damage your carpet and family. This technique is convenient because you will get your carpet done in hours. What it does is to squeeze all the water to ensure it gets dry what’s more is that your carpet remains as clean as you purchased it.

Rotate Furniture
A carpet wears out quickly if you take a long time before moving your furniture. Not moving your furniture creates room for dirt to stack up. It is, therefore, recommendable to rotate your furniture at least twice a year this will prevent your carpet from wearing out too early.
Maintaining your carpet is not a daunting task. All you are required to do is to follow the above-mentioned tips and you will be wearing a smile on your face once you take a look at it. You just have to implement the methods you are comfortable with and they will work just the same.

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